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Russo Finds Someone to Help

Russo loves to help people in whatever way he can. Today he learns that unfortunate things sometimes happen. As a result, people might need a little extra help, even with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and shelter.

Come with us on our journey today to find some ways that you can help make the world a little better.

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Russo the Peace Maker

This week our friend Russo notices some children who aren’t treating others very well. He takes some time to talk to them and help them think about their actions and words. He helps them to realize it’s better to make new friends than to pick on people or to hurt their feelings.

Treating others kindly is always a good choice.It’s surprising how many friends we can make everywhere we go when we have kind words to say and when we think of other people’s feelings first.

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Jingle Bells

Merry Christmas Everyone!

It has been a true joy to create our version of Jingle Bells. This fun filled song was originally written by James Pierpoint in 1850, inspired by the annual one-horse open sleigh rides in the areas of Salem and Pleasant Streets, between Medford Square and Maiden Square where he lived in Massachusetts.

We are pleased to present our slightly modified version of Jingle Bells, starring our good friends Russo, Bean, Jingle, and Pin!

We hope your holiday season and the new year are bright!

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Russo Rhymes

This week at Bright New Day Productions we are going to get acquainted with our awesome rhyming dinosaur friend Russo. He is big, green, and always has fun stories planned for his friends! Whenever he can, he’ll tell his stories in fun and catchy rhymes.

Bright New Day Productions is a wonderful, new, safe place for young children to view fun and educational videos accompanied by songs they will want to sing again and again.

We hope you’ll join us each week and meet all our friend here at Bright New Day Productions!