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Once I Caught a Fish Alive – Drawing with Shaleese

Most children love to draw and as they watch Shaleese they can learn fun drawing tips, gain inspiration thorough watching art come alive. let you imagination come alive!

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Old MacDonald had a Farm – Drawing with Shaleese

All these amazing animals live on farms. Have you ever been to a farm? Do you live on a farm or know someone who does? Farm life can be a lot of fun and also a lot of hard work. Let’s enjoy old MacDonald’s farm today!

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Simple Simon – Drawing with Shaleese

We are starting a new drawing with Shaleese section of our Bright New Day Productions videos. These will be familiar nursery rhymes and other fun stories that we enjoy narration to while we watch Shaleese draw them. Our familiar nursery rhymes usually have a fun and more positive twist in the end. Come enjoy our all new children’s videos and share them with your friends.